Think Your Political Hero is the Answer?

We won’t get fooled again.
-The Who

I have to laugh, sort of helplessly, when someone tells me everything will be fine once their candidate takes office. (Or worse, that everything has been fine since their candidate took office.) That level of reality-evasion is just staggering. I can picture the party pollsters high-fiving and saying: holy crap, they bought it!

Here’s what your political hero spends his/her day concerned with: a polished image, a poll-tested “message”, a contrived series of sound-bites, bought and paid-for media releases, and a few resultant ticks on their poll numbers.

In other words, the business of seeming.

Seeming to care, seeming to fight the supposed “enemy”, seeming to be about the business of “doing good”.

All so you’ll buy what they’re selling. Continue reading Think Your Political Hero is the Answer?