Who is Richard Weir?


Richard recently published his first crime/thriller novella: The Crosstown Kid, available from Musa Publishing. He has published a number of dark fiction/horror stories in SNM Horror Magazine. He recently completed his first novel The Asadi Way, which he describes as: “You know… your standard Fantasy-Noir-Ninja-Western.” 😮

In addition to writing strange tales, Richard has occasionally been known to fall out of airplanes, more or less on purpose. He also enjoys beating on drums, and being beaten in soccer. As far as beating on humans, he is officially against it, but is guilty of wishing to, once or twice.

As a transplanted Canadian, putting down roots in Texas, Richard continues to be mystified about the American fondness for watching fat men throw leather balls and whack them with bats, when there is much more action-packed, bloody and athletic sport called Hockey. He thinks maybe it has something to do with water’s inability to freeze over much of the southern portion of the country. And perhaps a deep-seated hatred of cows.

Richard is always happy to receive constructive reader feedback, provided, of course, it is phrased in the form of gushing praise.

He can be reached here.

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