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I’ve decided to break up into two different sites: the one you’re reading now as a place devoted to fiction and its craft, and the new one: as a place for more theoretical and ranty posts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt makes sense. Fiction and opinion occupy different parts of the brain. (No doubt someone could show as much on an MRI. Get working on that, Science.)

Opinion has no place in fiction writing. It’s intrusive. It kills your story and characters. It breaks the spell. Sure, it may not be possible to entirely separate the author from their characters, but it’s the mark of a good writer when they make us not notice. The characters should sound as if speaking for themselves. We should hate and love them as though they actually exist on their own terms, and any attempt of the author to intrude himself and his snot-nosed opinions is just that: an intrusion. (Like… whoah dude, who asked you?)

So, if opinion has no place in fiction, I reason that it has no place on a fiction-related website.

I want the reader here to be under the spell, you see? That means stories and the world of the weird, fictional and speculative only. Raging at the nature of the actual world and attempting to slow its slide into the abyss? That has its place elsewhere.

(Of course, as a fiction writer, I still reserve the right to venture opinions on fiction writing 🙂 )

So, this site will continue as a professional “author platform” with links to the novel, published short stories as well as articles about the writing process and getting oneself published.

Who should continue to read

  • readers of speculative, fantastic, weird tales
  • up-and-coming writers wondering about their craft and the publishing business
  • literary agents looking for a spiftacular new speculative fiction writer to represent

The other site,, is my place to vent… and you can’t stop me. (Nor should you. Bad things could happen.)

Who should read

  • anyone who likes unconventional thinking
  • anyone who likes conventional thinking but is ready for a masochistic challenge
  • anyone who is wondering “WTF is wrong with people/the world/society/etc.?”
  • anyone concerned/frustrated about the sheer amount of utter BS they hear in media and subsequently flowing from the mouths of their friends, family and acquaintances

So, here’s my advice: pick the site you want. Bookmark it. Subscribe to one of its many ways of subscribing. And delete the other one from your bookmarks and feeds and forget all about it. No more intruding. Never again the twain shall meet.

Sound good?

Oh, and since we’re announcing things, I’m also lending my pen to nifty little food blog called Sexy Eyes for Yep. Bacon. You know you can’t resist. (The food, not the actor. He is resistible. Well, to some. Anyway it’s a food blog with mostly paleo recipes. Not, I repeat NOT, a Kevin Bacon appreciation site. I’m sure there are some of those out there, if that’s your thing. Thanks David, for identifying that potential confusion. And boldly revealing your secret love of Kevin Bacon.)

Until next time…

Dream Weirdly,

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