Are You Ready?

Whoops. You’ve really stepped in it now.

You clicked. And now you’re here. You obviously didn’t hear the one about this chick Pandora and her box…

Okay, on the face of it, it’s just another website with another aspiring sci-fi writer doing a kind of frenzied, cane-twirling, Hello-My-Ragtime-Gal routine to try and build readership and catch the eye of prospective agents and publishers, right?

Or… Is It?

(If you saw a peal of lightning and Vincent Price raising an eyebrow just then, I’m doing my job.)

I think this site, with your help, can be something more. An exploration, perhaps.

One of the things I’ve discovered from writing is that there is plenty horror on the outside yes, both real and imagined. But oh, brother, does it pale in comparison to what’s on the inside. There is an inner world that is much stranger, deeper, funnier, more terrifying (dare I say… more beautiful?) than all the aliens and zombies and demons and dragons that have been conjured up to terrify and titillate over the years.

Tell you what. Since you’re here, why don’t we explore that inner realm for a bit? Don’t be scared. Well… be a little scared, that’s part of it. But I’ll be your guide. Precious little comfort, maybe, but I guarantee you’ll have some fun. You be my Charlie and I’ll be your Willy Wonka. We’ll hold hands and walk into The Chocolate Factory of the Mind, so to speak. Just think how much fun that was! (Well… for the kids that survived.)

So, what is there to see? Not heaps of stuff. Yet. Some stories. This blog. Some excerpts. Some stuff about yours truly. And how to tell me how much you love or hate the person described therein.

Heck, we’re just starting out here, and you know what that means: where we end up will only vaguely resemble where we meant to go. The journey’s the thing. I could spell out a vision and mission statement and all the usual drab they tell you to do in the Articles on Professional Blogging. But that’s not how I write stories and I see no reason to mess with what works. (Hey, one or two of said stories have even turned out… you know, good.)

Besides, “mission statement”? Yawn.

Instead, how ‘bout we go on a little trip, and see where we end up? I was kidding about the Pandora’s box stuff. Well, sorta. You’re in as much control here as me. Leave a comment. Point the way.

And as one character in my novel The Asadi Way says:

“I hope my nightmares don’t give you yours.”


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