My Five Favorite Crime Novels (so far…)

I’m releasing a crime novella, so I guess I must have some good crime reading suggestions, right?

Well, here’s a confession, right up front: I’ve never been much of a crime genre reader. (Gasp!) I’ve never even read any Donald Westlake. (Double gasp, fall over clutching chest!!) (I know. He’s on the list, okay? There’s an awful lot of stuff to read out there, if you haven’t noticed.)

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Why World-Building Sucks

It’s all Tolkien’s fault, of course. He created races, maps, languages, poems, art… and then decided he better whip up a little story around them.

And everybody’s been trying to do the same since.

It almost seems like new fantasy writers think they have to build a giant background history and world for their characters to walk through like little figurines. How else are you gonna punch your weight in the big leagues of fantasy/sci-fi, right? Gotta outdo the old professor himself.

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