Quick and Dirty Posts (and Why You Should Do Them)

The Inner Critic can be a real a-hole sometimes.

It prevents us from doing a lot of stuff.

Valuable stuff.

Like speaking our mind about things. Sharing our thoughts with others.

There are always a thousand reasons not to, and the Inner Critic is a master of drawing on them. I picture him like an eight-armed robot whose tentacle arms shoot out to a complex filing system, riffle through a billion filing cards in about a second, and pull out the exact one (or several) that you need to hear to prevent you from taking action.

“Hmm, you sure you want to say something on that subject, Dick?” he says. “After all…”

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7 Ways to Recharge Your Writing Over the Holidays

Let’s face it, your writing production takes a hit this time of year. Your inner word-crafter feels a little neglected whilst you run around judo-chopping other last minute shoppers and traveling by sled-and-dog team to reach your far off relatives.

But if you can eke out a measly thirty minutes for yourself somewhere in all the holiday madness, there’s no reason you can’t keep the writing coals warm, and even stoked a wee bit so you begin the New Year with a blaze.

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Want To Be Happy? Forget About Your Goals

I know it’s hard.

You’ve had the “achievement/goals” credo shoved down your throat since you were a little kid. Even if your parents were free-wheeling hippies it’s still ubiquitous in the culture. Your employers believe in it. Your peers believe it. Your friends believe it. You believe it.

But ask yourself: is it making any of us happier?

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What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed

It happens to us all.

Every now and then you just go a tiny, wee-bit batshit about how much there is to do.

OverwhelmThere are query letters to send, guest posts to write, another round of corrections with your editor, invoices to send out for some freelance work you did…

…there are synopses to be written, your own website hasn’t been updated since the turn of some prior century, your social media followers haven’t heard from you in so long they’ve divided into two camps: Alien Abduction vs. Fallen Into a Narrow Crevasse and Gnawing Her Own Arm Off…

…there are conferences and workshops and networking events to attend, that library wants you to be a guest speaker to some kids (as if they care), research for a piece you’ve been putting off, a steadily-expanding list of writing articles you’ve been meaning to read…

What else?

Oh yeah… the writing.

Actual ass-in-chair bleed-onto-your-keyboard creative time.

You’re only one person. With so many hours in a day. With only so many of those hours that the dog isn’t whining to go out, or the tummy rumbling to put food in, or the plumbing springing a sudden and spectacular leak.

For me it’s about every six months. I flat out lose it. I melt down for a day. You can set your watch to it.

But I always come out of it.

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Why World-Building Sucks

It’s all Tolkien’s fault, of course. He created races, maps, languages, poems, art… and then decided he better whip up a little story around them.

And everybody’s been trying to do the same since.

It almost seems like new fantasy writers think they have to build a giant background history and world for their characters to walk through like little figurines. How else are you gonna punch your weight in the big leagues of fantasy/sci-fi, right? Gotta outdo the old professor himself.

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