The Crosstown Kid… No Longer Homeless!

Way back in Feb 2015 I had the thrill of publishing one of my longer stories, The Crosstown Kid. There it was, on Amazon, complete with professional artwork and a for-real ISBN number and everything. See me beaming.

A whole twenty-two days later, the publisher went under. (Not because of my story. Dear God, I hope not, anyway. Post Hoc does not Ergo Propter Hoc, remember.) See me sad-facing.

At that time I vowed the story would find another home.

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The Crosstown Kid

photo credit: sunface13 via photopin cc

I’m excited to announce my story “The Crosstown Kid” has been accepted for publication by Musa Publishing.

The release date is February 6, 2015, I’m assuming as an eBook. It’s my understanding they don’t publish print versions of shorter works. This one’s only 12,000 words, so it’s definitely in the “novelette” category. Basically, a long short story. (Yes, in the publishing world, that makes sense. 🙂 )
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