The Crosstown Kid

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I’m excited to announce my story “The Crosstown Kid” has been accepted for publication by Musa Publishing.

The release date is February 6, 2015, I’m assuming as an eBook. It’s my understanding they don’t publish print versions of shorter works. This one’s only 12,000 words, so it’s definitely in the “novelette” category. Basically, a long short story. (Yes, in the publishing world, that makes sense. 🙂 )
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Fourth Story Published at SNM

Well, I thought it might be an April Fool’s joke, but no–apparently SNM Horror Mag cracked one of my old stories out of its coffin and put the paddles to it, and IT LIVES! It’s up for online viewing in their April-May issue.medium_3725026334

The story is The Somnologist, a somewhat naughty tale about a horny nurse and a serial killer coming out of a coma. Your standard church book club fare, in other words.
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Announcing a New Site


I’ve decided to break up into two different sites: the one you’re reading now as a place devoted to fiction and its craft, and the new one: as a place for more theoretical and ranty posts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt makes sense. Fiction and opinion occupy different parts of the brain. (No doubt someone could show as much on an MRI. Get working on that, Science.)

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Welcome To The Free Thinking!

This is a continuation of my older site, but oriented towards more theoretical, critical and ranty posts.

The other site will function as a professional “author platform” with links to the novel, published short stories as well as articles about the writing process and getting oneself published. It should be of interest to readers of fantastic tales, to up-and-coming writers, and to literary agents looking for a new, weird, splendid speculative fiction author to represent. (Subtlety is an art.)

In or out?
In or out?

But the ol’ bean bucket (a.k.a. the brain) needs a place to let the deeper thoughts go roaming and to question humanity’s fondness for utter BS. That’s here.

You’ve been warned, ok?

If you’re looking for light and fluffy diversions, well, the interweb has plenty of that. The exit is right over here by your back button. I’ll get your coat. Might we suggest something more along the lines of or anything with the words “beiber” or “kanye” or “miley”?

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