Reader Update #1

Can you “update” something for the very first time? Update from what? Let the semanticists argue over it, I could care less. It’s Reader Update #1 by golly, and that’s the way it’s gonna be.

I’d like to use these updates of staying in touch with you, if it suits you, Reader, on a somewhat weekly basis. In lieu of a richer, more content-filled post which will be right around the corner, I’ll give you a smattering of rapid-fire stuff. You’ve been generous enough to navigate your way here, so you deserve something for all your efforts. (Or maybe you were looking for and your cat walked over your keyboard. That’d be silly, though.) These updates could well morph into something else over time, but for starters:

RW’s Current Projects: including any brief comments or insights on the writing or publishing process that I’ve gained along the way. This may be of some interest to those of you going through the same tribulations of getting your stuff “out there” for the first time. For now, this includes a major (and God-willing, final) revision on the novel, which is coming along swimmingly and should be ready to go out the door in about two months. Then I’ll be keeping you posted on the gritty, rough and tumble reality of pitching a project to literary agents. It’s heart-rending, nail-biting, tear-jerking stuff, trust me.

  • Upcoming Posts: a tantalizing hint of what is to come. Some posts for example, some of which will be of interest to writers:
    • How to Finish Your Novel
    • How to Write So Bad You Make Your Readers Squirm with Embarassment
    • What is Science Fiction, Anyway?
    • How to Find Your Ideal Writing Time

Also, I confess to a special love of the unconventional, the weird, the fringe and the speculative. I believe the truth is almost always lurking somewhere outside the edges of conventional thinking and to that end expect some future posts about some of the wilder theories out there:

  • how to gain fat by avoiding fat and working out too much
  • how much of geology, paleontology and cosmology only make sense if you acknowlegde that the Earth (and every other celestial body) are growing
  • why every human alive in the last 10,000 years has believed they are living in End Times
  • why vaccines are the worst disease-fighting mechanism ever invented
  • why global cooling is a far greater threat to life on this planet than global warming
  • why Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry was probably the great foreign policy genius of our time
  • why the goal of any sensible economy should be full unemployment (and why we’ll never get there)
  • why agriculture creates more starving people than it feeds

Outrageous!! I know.

News/Current Events Commentary: Brief! Maybe a question or different perspective for the reader to consider that is not being discussed in the mainstream media. Some things to think about in preparation for an upcoming post, if there’s one in the works. Three hot topics right now are oil prices, health care, and illegal immigrants. What are your thoughts on these? I guarantee you a unique perspective in upcoming posts, which is not influenced by adhering to any ideology. (In fact, I have a post in the works about how ideological thinking is about the worst thing you can do with your brain short of smashing it open (and how even then, the effects are much the same.) More to come!)

Currently Reading/Watching and any insights or reccomendations, or dis-reccomendations… along the way. I recently finished four books (Cosmos, Ishmael, Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Illusions) which in some way altered my perception of the universe, some only minutely, some profoundly. This is what good books should do. Have you read them? I look forward to a discussion of the profound (and sometimes moronic – not Carl’s book, it’s wall-to-wall profundity) insights from each.

Responses to reader mail: That gushing-praise link again: I’ll do quick responses, but if your thoughts are intersting enough to inspire a new post, then I’ll tell you that, too. Oh, and I’ll keep it between you and me if you want, but let’s be honest, most people want a nice public pow-wow, don’t they? That’s what this whole hinternet thing is for, after all. And this, of course. Let’s see… so far, umm… nothing but bills from my hosting service. So, that’s it for responses this week.

Upcoming Events: You know, the big book-signing at Borders. The interview on Coast to Coast AM. The guest lecture at Yale. The Pullitzer award ceremony, that kind of thing. What? Getting ahead myself? Pshaw!

  • Weir’d Links: Stuff I’ve read on the hinternet that I think you’ll like. Because like me, you’re weir’d. (Richard, quit trying to be clever with your name. We get it. -Ed)

So be honest, what do you think of “Update” #1? I’m not afraid. Okay, I’m a little afraid. But that’s what makes it fun. Anything I mentioned that you are particularly looking forward to? Anything sound like a snooze fest? Anything else you would like to see in future updates? Hey, this is new territory for both of us. If you have an opinion, and share it, you could shape the future of the site!! (Prestigious, I know. I’ll ask my web guy if he’s got some code that’ll let me give you gold stars.)