Fourth Story Published at SNM

Well, I thought it might be an April Fool’s joke, but no–apparently SNM Horror Mag cracked one of my old stories out of its coffin and put the paddles to it, and IT LIVES! It’s up for online viewing in their April-May issue.medium_3725026334

The story is The Somnologist, a somewhat naughty tale about a horny nurse and a serial killer coming out of a coma. Your standard church book club fare, in other words.

What’s really swell is I didn’t even have to do any work. No deadlines. No frantic last minute edits. No querying. No submitting. They just recognized its inherent awesomeitude and thought it deserved another crack at bat. All I had to do was check my email. Ah, if only it always worked like that.

(Actually what really happened is they had a last minute dropout and had a hole to fill. Mine fit the “Amnesia, Memory Loss and Senility” theme nicely and so in it went. Hey, I’m okay being the relief pitcher.)

What’s even… erm, sweller is that they awarded it 2nd place (up from 4th in its previous run). Back in the day when SNM was a semi-pro paying market this meant I would’ve been happily skipping off to the bank with a check. And, as we all know, according to The Author: if you can pay your light bill with something you wrote you must be doing something right. Alas, SNM does their paying in exposure only these days, but, as I see it, this shouldn’t stop me from taking my imaginary check to my imaginary bank, right? My brain accepts make-believe currency even if the electric company doesn’t.

(Unless you think I could convince them to take a check that probably, most definitely would have been written, if this were 2011 and not 2014? Hmm.)

This is just another thing that convinces me that SNM are just a very cool outfit, especially toward new writers trying to make their way into the business. They care about helping writers with their careers and it shows. It’s all about getting something (anything) on your resume to start with. If your stuff is remotely horror/dark fiction I encourage you to send it to them. Even if you get a rejection it’s usually a painstaking personal review that shoves poison-tipped daggers into all your lovingly crafted sentences. (Not that I would know anything about that… cough, cough.) Seriously, this is the kind of invaluable feedback that some writers pay dearly for elsewhere, and SNM doles out for sheer love of the written word. Or possibly for love of inflicting pain… (Aha! The name just clicked. Now I can’t help picturing SNM’s editors as whip-wielding Goth Girls, happily torturing screaming authors until they promise to Write Better Words. Probably not too far off.)

Anyway, thanks SNM.

Now I’m going to see if staring at my inbox produces any more publishing credits. If not, I guess it’s back to… you know, actually working. 😐

photo credit: Kris Krug via photopin cc

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