If You Are Constantly Freaking Out About What Your Life is Missing… Read This

There is no such thing as reaching the end of your task list.

You will never write all the things you want to write.

You will never read all the things you want to read.

You will never travel to all the places you want to travel.

You will never say all the things you want to say.

You will never reduce your inbox to zero. (And who cares anyway?)

You will never “win” social media.

You will never be “caught up” with current events. (A bunch of shit you have no clue about just happened while you read this sentence… gasp!)

You will never make the perfect plan. You will never have the perfect day.

Or the perfect conversation.

Or the perfect relationship.

Or the perfect life, for that matter.

And you know what?

It’s okay.

Life is messy. It’s incomplete. It’s supposed to be.

Zeroing things out, trying to achieve some sort of omniscience or perfection… is that even really the point?

What if the point were to experience the journey, to learn from it, and to teach others?

To get kicked in the nuts every now and then, and figure out how to stand up again?

To create something lasting? To inspire? To help humanity out of its infancy?

Hell, maybe even to have some fun along the way.

Doesn’t that sound better?

Stop trying to drink from the firehose that is the world’s demand for your attention.

Stop trying to be it all, do it all, learn it all, say it all.

It’s never going to happen.

Instead, decide, right now, in this moment, what deserves your focus. And to Hell with the rest.

Now focus the living bejezus out of that one thing.

Welcome to happy.







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