Want To Be Happy? Forget About Your Goals

I know it’s hard.

You’ve had the “achievement/goals” credo shoved down your throat since you were a little kid. Even if your parents were free-wheeling hippies it’s still ubiquitous in the culture. Your employers believe in it. Your peers believe it. Your friends believe it. You believe it.

But ask yourself: is it making any of us happier?

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On the Rules of Writing

1. Religiously learn all the writing rules. They’re out there–just look them up.

2. Write them down, preferably by hand. In the very least, print them out.

3. Take those pieces of paper and put them in a fire-proof container, preferably outdoors.

4. Squirt liberal amounts of lighter fluid into said container.

…you can figure out the rest.

Now go create something we’ve never read before.