Sad News

Well, it’s hard to even know what to say.

No sooner had the thrill of releasing a book worn off than I received this sad message:

Dear Readers,

The rising costs of doing business and reduced sales have hit us extremely hard in spite of our fantastic books and enthusiastic efforts of staff and authors alike. We deeply regret that Musa Publishing will be closing its virtual doors on February 28, 2015.

Until then, our books will be deeply discounted. Feel free to stock up while our store remains open.

Our authors will all be released from their contracts with us. It is our hope that you will seek out books by authors you love, and will support them on social media and in their future publishing endeavors.

From the hearts of all at Musa, we thank you for your loyalty.

Musa Publishing

Whaaat?? NOOOOO!!

The Crosstown Kid got to be a published book for a whole twenty-two days. 🙁

(I really feel for the authors who were in development, on tenterhooks for that fabled release date… but never got there.)

But hey, that’s twenty-two more days than any other long piece I’ve written, and I guess a lot of writers out there would kill to see their stuff in the published world for twenty-two days. Can’t complain, honestly.

Also, working with the people at Musa was a great experience and I learned a ton. Everyone, from the financial people, to the editors, to the artists and promoters, all of them, to a man (and woman) were friendly, caring and willing to explain the ropes to me. I feel like I got about three year’s worth of course-training on the publishing biz, and that kind of value goes way beyond any potential book sales. I remarked to a few people along the way that I felt like I hit the jackpot by publishing with Musa because I felt like some really smart, considerate people had my back. I’m sure it’s not that way with every publisher.

It’s hard work to bring a book to market. It takes a lot of dedicated people, doing a lot of hard work for not much pay. I’m really sorry it wasn’t working out for the owners. If just the small part of Musa that I interacted with were any indication, they were going way above and beyond for not much remuneration. I understand the decision to shut down. These are people who love books and authors, but they also have families to feed and mortgages to pay. (Something to think about next time you balk at the price of a book, especially from a small press.)

This is not the end for The Crosstown Kid. I’ll be seeking another publisher. Those of you who got copies are now in possession of the soon-to-be-extremely-rare, out-of-print, First Edition 🙂

But until The Crosstown Kid finds a new home, it will disappear for a while. If you were kinda sorta thinking of buying a copy, now’s the time. The book will only be available for THREE MORE DAYS on Amazon. (Hint: Musa is deeply discounting all their titles right now, so if you buy directly from them at this link, you’ll be getting 80% off, which amounts to a whopping forty cents. For a book, these days, I call that Not Bad.)

Thanks to everyone who purchased and read The Crosstown Kid during its brief first incarnation. And Special Thanks to everyone at Musa—if I get to work with any of you again on some future projects, I will count myself twice blessed!





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2 thoughts on “Sad News”

  1. I feel bad that we sat on our hands for so long about making the purchase, but know that we are getting online and buying it right now! We sure miss you, Mr. Richard Weir.

    Blue Skies

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