The Crosstown Kid… No Longer Homeless!

Way back in Feb 2015 I had the thrill of publishing one of my longer stories, The Crosstown Kid. There it was, on Amazon, complete with professional artwork and a for-real ISBN number and everything. See me beaming.

A whole twenty-two days later, the publisher went under. (Not because of my story. Dear God, I hope not, anyway. Post Hoc does not Ergo Propter Hoc, remember.) See me sad-facing.

At that time I vowed the story would find another home.

Then I promptly forgot about it.

Poor story.

I imagine it walking in slanting, dreary rain, head lowered under its dripping hoodie, searching for a way to fit into the world and being turned away at every doorstep, not unlike its title character.

This morning someone opened their doors and welcomed The Crosstown Kid back into publication!

It will be published by Bards and Sages Publishing, under their “Society of Misfits” imprint. As much as that title appeals to my misanthropic nature, it actually refers not to the story content, or its author, but its length: too long for short fiction market, too short for the novel market.

So, literally, an ill-fit with just about every publisher out there.

Just about.

Thank goodness there are a handful of markets that cater to the, umm…  long short fiction market. And thank goodness there are some readers left out there that want to date a story for a while instead of the hit-it-and-quit-it one night stand of flash fiction. (Though, I guess in the catalog of Momentary Distractions, flash fiction not the least healthy thing out there–not by a long shot.)

According to the publishing agreement, The Crosstown Kid  will be available on Kindle for six months, and then, some time in 2019 released as part of a print anthology.

E-publishing is swell and all, but let’s be honest, there’s something special about seeing your work in the form of something that you can use to prop open a door, or trip over in a dark room, or fend off an attacker with a well-timed blow. Seriously, when you were a kid did you want to show your Mom an AutoCAD you made of a sandcastle? (Engineering nerds… shush.)

I’m thinking the story will probably come out some time in September this year (Misfits current publication queue goes through the end of August). Stay tuned for Kindle information when that happens! (UPDATE: Story is scheduled to release on September 28, 2018 on Kindle!)

Now, off to create more homeless stories…


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7 thoughts on “The Crosstown Kid… No Longer Homeless!”

  1. Very glad to read this article. Very proud love you, James. Lots of love for me and Sarah.

    Jerry Ortiz
    T.S.C. 2012

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