The Crosstown Kid (Re)Release Day!

Hey folks! Excited to announce the re-release of The Crosstown Kid. It’s available again on kindle, pdf, etc. from a few different sellers (see the purchase links below) for only $0.99 (it was $1.99 last time). Thanks for supporting!

Here’s the official release info:

In the low-income part of a Florida town, kids get flushed into the gangland sewer every day. So when beat cop Rob spots a kid training on a track—trying, in other words, to actually be something—he’s intrigued.

Against the advice of his partner, he investigates the Kid and his family. What he uncovers unnerves him: the Kid’s father was a cop himself, gunned down by friendly fire. Before he knows it, Rob has uncovered a tale of police corruption and clandestine gang activity that may cost even more officers their lives.

Will helping the Kid mean exposing his own family to the corrupt cops?

Sometimes, extending your hand will only drag you down.

Title: The Crosstown Kid

Author Name: Richard Weir

Genre(s): Thriller, Police, Crime

ISBN: 9781386321651

Release Date: 09/28/2018

THE CROSSTOWN KID is available for purchase for $0.99 in PDF, ePUB, HTML, and MOBI (kindle) formats so you can read it on any digital device including your home computer.

PURCHASE Your Copy (it’s only $0.99!) and Read an Excerpt here:  The Crosstown Kid


Additional Purchase Links:

Smashwords: The Crosstown Kid

iTunes: The Crosstown Kid

Scribd: The Crosstown Kid

Nook (Barnes & Noble): The Crosstown Kid

Also, be sure to add The Crosstown Kid to your Goodreads reading list here: The Crosstown Kid on Goodreads

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