The Crosstown Kid

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I’m excited to announce my story “The Crosstown Kid” has been accepted for publication by Musa Publishing.

The release date is February 6, 2015, I’m assuming as an eBook. It’s my understanding they don’t publish print versions of shorter works. This one’s only 12,000 words, so it’s definitely in the “novelette” category. Basically, a long short story. (Yes, in the publishing world, that makes sense. 🙂 )

It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with in terms of cover art. Musa does really nice, professional covers for their releases. You can check out some of their titles here. Gives you an idea of the price range, too (probably under $5).

This was kind of a strange story for me: a gritty crime story set in Florida. For a writer of dark, weird sci-fi (who’s only ever set foot in Florida twice) even my brain was going “Uh… where the f*** did that come from?” I have no clue, honestly, but out it came. I actually finished it a couple of years ago, on Christmas Eve. I promptly engaged in some well-deserved holiday binging and forgot all about the story for a couple years.

Then, a few months ago, I remembered it, dragged it out, gave it a once-over and found, unlike most stories that get locked in the ol’ basement, this one actually held up pretty well. I sent it off to Musa and they responded with a hell yeah.

So, hell yeah!

Here was the pitch for the “The Crosstown Kid”:

In the low-income part of a Florida town, youths get flushed into the gangland sewer every day. So when beat cop Rob spots a kid training on a track—trying, in other words, to actually be something—he’s intrigued.

Against the advice of his partner, he investigates the Kid and his family. What he uncovers unnerves him: the Kid’s father was a cop himself, gunned down by friendly fire. Before he knows it, Rob has uncovered a tale of police corruption and clandestine gang activity that may cost even more officers their lives.

Will helping the Kid mean exposing his own family to the corrupt cops?

The Crosstown Kid is a crime/thriller about a cop who tries to do right by a kid from the projects, with unexpected consequences for all.

I’m working with the Musa editor now on a few more rounds of edits. I’ll post the cover art when I get it. Looking forward to having something in print, even if only in eBook form. And, I hope you’re looking forward to reading it!

Thanks Musa!

PS. On a sad side note, it looks like a different publisher of my stories, SNM Horror Mag, is closing its doors. Their final issue is online here. I gushed about them a couple of months ago, in this post.

Sad. They were a great resource for horror/dark fiction writers trying to take their first steps in a highly competitive biz. Unlike a lot of their competitors, they really worked with writers to improve their craft, with highly-detailed, personalized critiques. They always placed very high in Preditors and Editors Polls, particularly in the “Most Approachable Market” category.


(Actually, scratch that… I wish a curse of zombie resurrection on you. It seems more fitting).

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