The Asadi Way

Birch is a man on the run, fleeing across the Haddiaz desert, hunted by a relentless, fanatical sect of warriors known as the Asadi. They’ve taken everything from him, killed the woman he loved, and chased him across oceans and continents. They have no desire to kill him–they have a much darker purpose in store for him. And to avoid that, Birch will die first.

Problem is, he can’t.

He is cursed with an immortality that defies his best attempts at suicide. His body rejects poisons. Weapons turn aside on his skin. He survives falls from great heights. No matter what he tries to end the purgatory of this ceaseless hunt, his body finds a way to keep going.

When the chase leads to the cutthroat desert-city Nassar, he meets someone who stays his hand: a young, foul-mouthed, streetwise thief named Hannah. Accepting no BS from any man, she forces him to question it all: why he’s running, his murky past, the secret of his immortality, and the fate of the woman he once loved.

Now, armed with the truth, Birch must make a terrible choice: to go on running from the Asadi forever, or make his stand, here, now, in the city… and risk losing a woman he loves for a second time.

*   *   *

The Asadi Way defies the rules of genre. It is at turns dark fantasy, paranormal horror, and science fiction. Filled with action and deep mystery, it takes the reader from a fictional middle-eastern setting to our own modern world.

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